Saying Goodbye

Holy poo... I'm moving tomorrow!

This week as been gone a bit like this:

Say goodbye to friends a, b, and c.
Say goodbye to friends e - v.
Stall packing by watching Saved by the Bell on Netflix.
Cry and freak out about moving.
Celebrate and get giddy about moving.
Say goodbye.

It's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster.
Just when I'm excited about moving to Portland and thinking about all the fun stuff I'm going to be doing, I meet up with another friend to say goodbye and I'm sad again.

Last night I had dinner with the two lovely ladies in the image above.  We met while training for a marathon together 2 years ago.  We ran a billion miles together and shared a lot of our lives (because you quickly run out of things to talk about on a 4 hour run, so your family is going to come up!) with each other.  We've kept close over the last few years and been there for each other through it all.  I'm going to miss these lovely ladies.  I'm going to miss all my friends.  But I'm excited for this new adventure in my life.  At times it will be difficult, and at times it will be amazing.  This is the stuff life is made of, and I wouldn't have it any other way.