Birthday Celebrations!

On Saturday night a group of my friends and family went downtown with me to celebrate my birthday. I had the best time! We had good food, good drinks, and all around good fun! I am very blessed to have such good friends, and I'm so thankful for the special memories turning 27 will always have. We began the celebration at Bardenay...
*pictured - me, my cousin Jill, and her husband Blake.

Outside the restaurant I saw the {perfect} bicycle and had to have my picture with it! It was pink with tassels and an adorable white basket... if only it had Hawaiian flowers on it.
{part of} the group photo outside Bardenay.
*pictured - Margaret, me, Richard, Dawn, and Michelle.
Taking pictures while walking down the street at night doesn't always turn out as planned, but the effect was pretty cool.
My cousin Jill and I. I am so excited that she is living closer to me now! Only 4.5 hours away... we can visit each other more often!
Sitting outside Mulligans.
*Pictured - Blake, Kalen (my {little} brother, me and Richard.
Thanks everyone for everything! I had the best weekend ever! 27 will go down in history as epic :)