Few New Obsessions...

This song always cheers me up and gets me moving:

There's a place that I go, 
But nobody knows. 
Where the rivers flow, 
And I call it home. 

And there's no more lies. 
In the darkness, there's light. 
And nobody cries. 
There's only butterflies. 
~Natasha Bedingfield "Pocketful of Sunshine"

Just about everyday has to begin with a great cup of
coffee from my new favorite place:

Seriously, their coffee is amazing!

I haven't had many celebrities that I've wanted more
than anything to meet, but I would LOVE to meet
Mr. Mo Willems! He is HILARIOUS, and his children's
books are amazing! His illustrations are simple and
classic, but the expressions that his characters
posses are priceless.  Pick up a picture book from
this amazing author at your local library...
you will NOT be sorry.

Every fall I have to watch one of my favorite shows
ever, The Gilmore Girls on DVD.  I own the entire
series and watch it from start to finish at the same
time my mom is watching her set.
We are Lorelai and Rory... best friends
first, mother and daughter second.