Wow, September is flying by, and I haven't taken much time to slow down and really enjoy it. Eeek!

Today is September 11, and while I don't take much stock in re-living the past, I do think it's important to remember those who lost innocent lives, and those who gave their lives fighting for the lives of others 8 years ago today. I was brushing my teeth getting ready for class that morning when I heard my father in the living room say, "holy shit... kids, get in here." I had never heard that tone of voice from my father... hollow, ominous, and I and my little brother high-tailed it into the living room. With toothpaste foam on my lips, and a toothbrush hanging from the corner of my mouth, I watched the news report of a plane hitting the first tower. We all thought it was a horrible accident, but moments later watched the second plane hit, and my little brother (12 at the time) said, "that's no accident, we're under attack." Even now, remembering him saying that, it gives me chills. Our country has problems, there is no doubt about it. Any place with millions of people living their everyday lives has "too many cooks," and is bound to live in stagnation for awhile... but you know what? I think we have it pretty damn good, and I'm proud to be an American (no cheesy song pun intended).

The "birthday week" has officially begun...