Bridal Shots

This weekend in Kennewick, WA, my cousin Jill and I decided to take some pretty killer photos of her in her wedding gown. She was an awesome model and worked it!! We started out at a winery and vineyard, and the location was amazing!
I love that she was willing to lay down in the dirt! Her wedding was 2 months ago, so she was willing to get a little dirty, and that made my day!

We were setting up this shot (seriously the most beautiful location and doorway I have ever seen!) and I was so excited to get creative with that door when it opened and this guy came walking toward us. I decided to take one picture to test the lighting while he was in the way. He was walking way too slow and not trying to get out of our way, so I knew something must have been up. He introduced himself to me, then let me know that I couldn't shoot bridal photos on their property unless it is set up with their events coordinator ahead of time. Oops! I'm just glad he didn't ask to either see or keep the pictures we had taken. I don't think he would have been too happy to find out that we had been traipsing through the vineyard! I'm just glad I was able to photoshop him out, and we at least got this shot!
I think this is my favorite shot ever! I have been wanting to to experiment with lighting and sun for awhile, and the day was perfect for it! The wind was a little annoying, but everything came together in this shot. I feel like it should be on the front of a magazine.I LOVE that she was willing to get in the water! More of these amazing water shots (and vineyards too!) to come!