One Happy Visit!

This weekend my sister-in-law Danielle and my niece Joie came to Boise for a visit! I love this little girl so much, and it's so fun to see her personality setting in. She is always so happy, and I love it! Mom came up for the weekend to see us all too, and we all just had a super fun girls weekend.
Joie isn't quite walking on her own yet, but she sure wants to! She gets down on the ground every chance she gets, and would much rather be walking (with our hands, or holding on to furniture) then be carried. She'll let you carry her, but if you stop and stand still for too long, she definitely wants to get down and play.She entertains herself so easily, and is just all around happy. I think it runs in the family :)

Mom (Nana to Joie) gave her a squishy book that has all our pictures in it. It's the cutest thing! She can have us with her all the time, and it works as a teething ring too!

Joie got to come hang out with me in my apartment. Don't be fooled by this picture, she is so little that she makes my apartment look pretty big, but it's not! Lol... it's pretty small, but the perfect size for Niece and Auntie to hang out and have fun in!
Mom found Joie the greatest snack bowl. It's made of soft plastic and Joie can reach in and get a treat, but when she pulls her hand back out, a flap comes down and prevents the other treats from spilling out. She figured out quickly how it worked, and loved getting her snacks out of it.
Mom was playing peek-a-boo with Joie, and she got a kick out of it. So cute!
We took a trip to the pumpkin patch and Joie wore her super cute bumble bee costume.
Haha... she's such a ham! She smiling for Danielle's camera and "showing her teeth."
We were getting ready for the picture and she put her hands up on her cheeks, so I had to too.
My sis-in-law Danielle and the babe.