Working on a new Concept

I have been working on a few new ways to get my studio name out there, and find an expanded client base. I am excited to say that there are a few events coming up that just might have a hand in that. *knock on wood

This coming Saturday (Halloween) is the 1st annual 8 Man Mayhem dodgeball tournament benefiting the Boys & Girls Club. I will be on hand to take team photos and action shots of the event. Each player will receive a goodie bag with loads of cool stuff from local vendors. I will be one of those lucky vendors!! *Fist pump!

I am going to be including my card, along with a special offer for discount portraits for friends and family. The picture below is the start of this card.I have a few other irons in the fire, but I will get to them later. Until then I am excited at the prospect of meeting new people and building a strong clientele.

Stay Tuned!