A Much Needed Vacation

Since I was unable to run the marathon in San Diego this past weekend (read why not here), I was faced with either staying home for my vacation time, or doing something else.  I'm not one to waste vacation pay, so I decided to head to Seattle!

I had a great time with my cousins, and enjoyed Seattle immensely... as per usual :)

The drive out there involved much rain, and many trees... heavenly.

It was a long trip in the car by myself for the first 5 hours, so I kept myself
entertained taking silly pictures with pretzels.

After five hours alone in a moving vehicle, I was excited to see my cousins
and have a chance to stretch my legs before the rest of the trip to Seattle.

Road trip food!

Our first night in Seattle we had fancy drinks at a downtown martini bar.

Ahh, Pike's Place Market.  ♥

And my beloved Alki Beach... ♥♥♥

At the market, Jill and I found a ridiculously large tub of Nutella

And I got to visit my Aunt and Uncle ♥

And see the most beautiful sunset ever.

All-in-all, a super fabulous mini-vacation!!