10 Things I've Recently Learned (or remembered)

 1| My cousins are awesome, and willing to be giant dorks with me.

2| My Grandma is perhaps the funniest person I know.  Watching her and her best friend, my "grandma" Jo, interact is pure gold.  They are proof that we never have to grow old (or up!) if we don't want to.

3|  The beach is my heart's place to recharge and recenter.  If ever I'm lost, the waves will show me the way.

4| Nothing beats watching the sunset from a place high enough to be out of the city and enjoy the splendor of life slowed down.

5| Coffee is heaven.

6| I'm falling in love with stairs.  They are everywhere in Portland and each set I stumble upon is more beautiful than the next.  They are old, weathered and often full of moss.  Sigh...

7| Nothing beats an unexpected pop of color.  Nothing.

8|  Everyday I discover something new about Portland that I love.  Who knew it would usually happen at sunset while in the car?

9|  I forgot how much I love the bridges over here. 

10|  The longer my hair gets, the more entertained I am each morning when I wake up.