Content and Happy in Portland | A Small Update

So I figure I owe it to myself to sit down and take the time to write about how the transition to Portland is going so far.  I've been here for exactly one month.

That seems weird to say.

One month.

I've lived in Portland one month.
It feels like I've always been here.

That seems even weirder to say.

But it's true.

I'm loving the rain, loving the city, loving the quirky people, loving fitting in with the quirky people, and loving exploring.  I'm taking my time and not rushing things.  And surprisingly things are falling into place with a job (that I love!) and places to stay (thanks to my family members) and, for the first time in a long while, I feel at peace.

When I was a child I experienced homesickness pretty regularly.  Even when I moved to Boise to finish school, just 2 hours from my parent's house, I would experience it often and make the trek back to see my mom and dad.  I'm not going to lie and say that I don't miss them (if you're reading this mom, please don't misinterpret this to read that I don't miss you, because I do miss you.  And I love you.  Very, very much) but I haven't experienced homesickness.  I feel like I am home.

Each day as I drive through the city toward my job I look around at all the bridges, all the green, all the cyclists, all the people and I'm happy.  Content and happy.

This past weekend I visited the Portland Saturday Market (see pictures from it here) and stumbled upon a booth that was selling Portland magnets and stickers.

I couldn't help myself.

I purchased the 3 magnets and he threw in the sticker as a bonus.