What I've Been Up To...

Hanging out with friends... one of which is way cooler than me and acquired a new toy this past week...

My new job comes with this view in the backyard ... Score!
None of which is my responsibility to care for ... Double Score!

I've been learning all about Lacrosse.  I'm pretty jealous this sport wasn't available to play where I went to school.  It's pretty badass.

Hanging out in the rain watching K get his football on.

Spending time with my cousin's adorbs child and checking out her hoola-hooping skillz ... see that flash around her neck?  Yeah, that'd be a speedy hoopster.

I'm paid to hang out with this awesomeness and jump on a trampoline.
You should be.

Every night I can't wait to see this view on my drive home.  It's a gorgeous city I live in.

Quality counts and he's got it.

Everyday I pick K up from school he stays to play basketball with friends.
Rain or shine.
Crazy kids.

I'm officially a Portland Girl now.  I started rolling up by pants to avoid the bottom 6 inches of my jeans being soaked.
For shit sakes.