Woo-hoo I Survived!

Well, the marathon training has officially begun! I think it's going to be much more difficult than I had anticipated. I ran last night on the treadmill for 2 miles, and it took me only 25 minutes. But this morning, I "ran" 3 miles on the road, and it took me an hour and was soooooo hard! I've always known that the treadmill makes it easier, but I didn't realize just how easy it made it. I'm definitely going to have to run outside as much as possible in order to become stronger, faster.

My goal is to be as honest as possible in this blog about the ups/downs/pitfalls/achievements throughout this process. I want to someday read back over my logs and see the personal and athletic growth that I will inevitably encounter. So my blogs may not be the most interesting or entertaing for you all to read, but I guess this blog really is for me, so oh well! (although I do hope you stick around and visit once in awhile, because I would LOVE your support through this process! ♥)

The three mile journey this morning was tough. I ran/walked my intervels the first mile and a half and started to feel strain in my right calf and ankle. I took a short stretch break and felt much better, but another 1/4 of a mile down the road and I knew there was something wrong with my right arch. I was feeling stabbing pain from the bottom of my arch through the top of my foot anytime I slowed to a walk, but I can't get my breathing under control enough to run for any lengthly period of time. - I am excited for that to change soon! - So I was advised to walk at a brisk pace the rest of the way (about 1.2 miles). My arch is feeling much better this evening, and I have an appointment for a shoe fitting on Tuesday, so I'm hopeful that by my next run (scheduled for Wednesday) I'll have better arch support in my shoes and I won't have this problem again. *fingers crossed*
But you know what? I did it! I completed 3 miles, and even though it wasn't an amazing run, it was the furthest I've ran to date, and I'm bound to improve from here!

Hannah and I after our 3 mile run.