Twenty-ten and A Look back at 2009

This time last year was a very emotional and tough time for me. I was charged with turning a new leaf, and broken from realizations that I hadn't grown as far away from someone as I thought I had.
But this New Years holds a much more positive note! I am so jazzed for 2010 (first of all, I love saying the new year... how awesome is twenty-ten?!)
I have a lot of exciting things in the works for the coming weeks, and I'll be talking about them soon, but first, I thought a look back on 2009 was appropriate. (Fair warning... lots of photos to come!)

Mazatlan, Mexico was the greatest vacation I've ever been on.
I met amazing new friends, spent quality time with my family
and para-sailed for the first time ever.
The best thing about January though was finally getting to meet my niece Joie.
My brother brought her with him to the airport for a quick visit
on our way back home.
Best. Road Trip. Ever.

March was a tough month for me.
I was dealing with an extremely taxing roommate
and living situation.
Most of March was spent figuring out how to get out my lease.
But I did succeed!
I did have a great photo shoot with my friend Scott during March and produced
this image:
Moved out of the taxing situation.
A trip with my cousin Jill to Southern California.
Spent my niece's first Easter with her.

My sis-in-law and niece visited Boise
and a fun zoo visit was had.

A fantastic Seattle visit.

Working 65 hours a week, and loving it.

Jill and Blake get married!

My birthday!
Birthday celebrations!
New {fabulous} shoes.

Visits to Tri-cities to see my cousins.
Bridal shots with Jill.
Trip to the pumpkin patch with the niece.

Jed, Danielle and Joie moved back to Boise!

Family photo shoot with the Walker family.
Best. Christmas. Ever!

All-in-all... this year