I talked to my brother Jed about a strength training program due to my power-less legs. When running, I feel like my endurance is okay, and I could keep running, except that my legs get soooo tired. They feel like bricks, and I stop to take {way too many} walk breaks.

When I told him this, he grinned and said, "this is where I come in."

He has me doing 30 minutes (for now) leg conditioning with the stairmaster and elliptical. Then squats on the BOSU and core/abs on the stability ball. I've only done 2 days, and I'm so sore! It hurts to laugh or cough... YAY for muscles being worked!

I can tell that it's helping already. My energy has skyrocketed, and I'm so antsy!

I'm really hoping that I see a difference in my runs soon!