Family Pics

My mom's birthday is this weekend (4/24) and Danielle and I decided that she needed some photos of all us kids together. The three kids (Jed, Kalen and myself) haven't had a picture of just us since I was in high school (over 8 years ago... *gasp*!) so it was definitely over due. It was fun to get one with all of mom and dad's kids together (me, Jed, Danielle, Joie and Kalen). This will be a fun tradition as our family adds new members. Hopefully I can talk mom and dad into taking one with us sometime soon. They tend to be camera-shy, but I would love to get a full family picture!

On to the pictures...

Joie decided that eating the flowers was better than just posing with them.

And poking the flowers is always fun too...

Probably my favorite picture thus far. She was laughing so hard each time Danielle would flip her upside down :)

Joie checking out her Momma's necklace

Momma and baby

One that Danielle snapped of Daddy and baby

The cutest family ever :)

Another fun upside-down shot

Aren't my brothers so handsome?!?

All the kids