One Sick Week Makes One Weak


I have been sick with a head and chest cold for the past week and a half. I'm feeling much better now, but last week was a tough one!

Having to back off from training in order to get better was both mentally and physically hard. I was having mini-panic attacks all week long because I was freaking out about falling behind on my training. I love that people are so supportive of my training goals, but it was tough coming to work everyday and having my coworkers ask how my training went the night before. Having to tell them that I sat on my couch drinking tea and watching "The King of Queens" made me feel like a Grade-A loser. Luckily though, I have just as many people supporting me in taking the time to get better. Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point (a health/fitness blog I am obsessed with!) wrote me a greatly supportive e-mail about resting in order to be stronger in the end...

I PROMISE you'll be OK. It's better for you to just rest up and feel better than to try to push yourself thru your long run. Also, I have read that two back to back longish runs can replace a long long run. so maybe if you feel 100% next wednesday, do an 8 miler and on thursday, do another 8 miles. (just an example) and also all training plans "build in" mistakes or illness and assume you'll miss at least one long run. so even if you don't feel good enough to make it up this week, just do your next long run when you feel better.

You are amazing for doing TNT!!! Thank you for support the L&L Society!

Hearing this from someone who has ran in 20-something races (including a marathon) made me much more at ease about taking the time to rest.

On Sunday Danielle and I set out to do 8 miles, and ended up completing 9! I was feeling MUCH better, and was excited to get out and do something! I am really working on trusting myself and pushing my run intervals longer. I know I can handle it, but once I hit my marker because I "can" stop and walk, I do. Hopefully I'll be posting about my longer run intervals soon!