Dusting Off His Halo

I met my Guardian Angel last week. It was a brief encounter, but one the same. He wears black running shorts and a fitted white tee.

You think I'm joking don't you?

Danielle and I experienced nature to the fullest last weekend during our run. We saw a pack (herd?) of deer. 10 to be exact. A coyote, many dogs, a few bunnies, a bat, {too many} ducks and geese, a nest of baby swans, and the father protecting them.

Let me restate the last one there. A father swan. Hell bent on protecting his wife and his babies.

Danielle and I were just about finished with our run when we rounded a corner to see a puffed up swan blocking our path. To the right we noticed a beautiful nest in the middle of the river with a proud mother sitting atop it. And straight ahead, the beauty that wanted to kill us. Oblivious to the danger ahead, a young man ran past us, and nearly lost his leg as the swan dove and snapped at him.

There was
we were going to tempt this thing.

Trying to figure out our options (turning around and running an extra 4 miles to avoid him or tempting fate) he emerged. Fresh from shining his halo. His black shorts bouncing with each step, and tee fitting his sculpted torso just right to show his angelic abs he glided effortlessly past the ferocious feathery fiend (alliteration too much?).

"Run with me ladies." he spoke.

What happened next was a blur of events that are nothing short of amazing. We ran beside him and past the swan

He bounded off down the path with a simple wave and a wish for a great rest of our run.

I hope for the chance to see him again soon, and give him a proper thank you.