Easter Fun!

Easter was a combined effort this year since all the family is now in Idaho (YAY!). Mom, Dad and Kalen all came to Boise and we got together at Danielle's parent's house with her brother and sister and their families. There were a lot of us! My brothers and I were fortunate enough to grow up very close with our cousins and extended family around at every holiday, and it's so nice to know that Joie will have the same blessings.

...even if her cousins "gang" up on her ;)

Joie had a great time finding Easter eggs and eating the contents. Many were filled with colored goldfish (you know, the baked but not fried snack) and others were filled with M&Ms. Since she's not allowed to have sugary treats (because really, does a toddler need sugar? Not so much!) her daddy got to eat those ones.
It was a bit too cold outside to have an Easter egg hunt out there, so we brought the fun indoors!

After a yummy Easter lunch Joie decided to do her part and "help" Grandma with the dishes. She loves playing in bubbles!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday!!!

I leave you with this adorable face...