Currently I Am...

WORKING on a few projects.  I've recently discovered todoist and have loved the ability to keep an up to date to do list that syncs with both my computer and phone.  I've felt so much more productive and on track with all my many irons in the fire!

ENJOYING summer!!  The Kid started his summer vacay this week and I've enjoyed spending the days being longer and warmer.

EXPERIENCING a shift in attitude and behavior.  I've had a few recent reminders of my intentions and to stick with the paths that will lead me where I want to be while allowing everything else to fall away as necessary.  It's not the most comfortable and some of the decisions have been difficult, but I feel like I'm making the right ones.

PLANNING a few vacations for July.  The Kid is going to be at summer camp for the first 3 weeks of the month and that means vacation time for me!  Stay tuned for some fun plans that will take me to central Oregon, Northern California and possibly Palm Springs!

And here's an update via instagram for what's been happening lately:

 photo 5f21c818d5e911e288ea22000a1f9318_7_zps656cdafd.jpg
I drove to the middle of nowhere (aka Condon, OR) to see my brother, sister-in-law and niece
who were in town to run the Tough Mudder.  It was so good to see them again!
 photo 0f2e0744d21b11e28c3122000aa80097_7_zpsad9bb996.jpg
Spending lots of time playing softball in the sunshine.
 photo 7e11d1b0d44911e2942f22000a9f140e_7_zpsec8424ec.jpg
I've discovered that the wet climate is prime for mold growing in the bathroom.
I rolled up my sleeves, dug in and sent it packing!
 photo 266fc972d77711e2929322000a9e0719_7_zps51de68ee.jpg
Shot and edited one of my favorite shoots to date.  See more of the images here!
 photo 3456401cd6cc11e289b122000a9f18c4_7_zps0cb5b661.jpg
Father's Day was last weekend and I helped the kids with a few projects for their dad.
It was a fun day of sneaking around and surprising him a few times.
 photo c301836ed85a11e2a3aa22000a1f97a4_7_zps1734382c.jpg
Yesterday I introduced The Kid to "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" and discovered
that with my new glasses Rick Moranis is my doppleganger.  Ewww.

What have you been up to?  Anything exciting going on these days?