Life as My Phone Sees It

Summer has officially started and life. is. busy!

Zoo trips, sleep overs, morning meditation, legos, Star Wars, pizza.... and lots and LOTS of coffee...

 photo IMG_9335_zpsa9961c36.jpg
 photo IMG_9342_zps2f6f7be9.jpg
 photo IMG_9350_zps1ae51974.jpg
 photo IMG_9365_zps6007e8f6.jpg
 photo IMG_9410_zps7c7bb8da.jpg
 photo IMG_9430_zpsf80d9cb0.jpg
 photo IMG_9431_zpsfdde165a.jpg
 photo IMG_9432_zps1c9972b0.jpg
 photo IMG_9435_zps76cdff8a.jpg
 photo IMG_9434_zps6aebfbdc.jpg
 photo IMG_9433_zps81f98aee.jpg
 photo IMG_9437_zpsb9267da8.jpg
 photo IMG_9403_zps9e04b3a9.jpg
 photo IMG_9405_zps89040664.jpg
 photo IMG_9406_zpsfb4f05c8.jpg
 photo IMG_9414_zpscb3710a3.jpg
 photo IMG_9415_zpsc2c45f84.jpg
 photo IMG_9436_zpsbc0412dd.jpg

How's your summer so far?  Any fun plans coming up?