Our Sports Filled Weekend

This past weekend was spent mostly in the great outdoors and beautiful sunshine!

We started off with a soccer filled Saturday watching Lil' Man's game where he scored his second goal of the season and warded off many shots from the other team as goalie.  He's really grown as a player in a short time, and I'm loving watching him enjoy the sport!

 photo Tommy4_zpsa68aa7d0.jpg
 photo Tommy2_zpsfc844d64.jpg
 photo Tommy1_zpse93212ba.jpg
 photo Tommy3_zpsa4ebdccd.jpg
 photo Tommy5_zps36599140.jpg

Then on Sunday I had my first softball game of the season!  It was a lot of fun to be out on the field again, but I definitely felt my age and added weight over the years since I last played.  Hopefully I'll loosen up and get back in the groove before my short season is over!

During the game The Guy spent time explaining the rules of baseball to Lil' Man and Lil' Lady.  They haven't been exposed much to the game and they both enjoyed watching.  Afterward Lil' Man declared that he'd like to play next year and my heart soared!  The Guy told him that if he's serious about playing we'd go by a Goodwill and find him a glove and bat.  So that's exactly what we did!

We ended up playing for hours at a high school field and I was in heaven teaching both kids how to hit and field the ball.  I'm so proud of how quickly they both picked it up!  That night Lil' Man even asked if he could sleep with his new bat.  How cute is that?!

 photo _MG_2259_zpsae629e12.jpg
 photo Baseball9_zps1bc8e18a.jpg
 photo Baseball10_zps8fcf19db.jpg
 photo Baseball4_zpsc8022e8c.jpg
 photo Baseball8_zps324acdea.jpg
 photo Baseaball6_zps6060da16.jpg
 photo Baseball3_zps807c39e8.jpg
 photo Baseball12_zpsd485a925.jpg
 photo Baseball7_zps593c5564.jpg

How was your weekend?  What did you do?