Curvy Girl Fashion Friday | The 'I'm running late for everything' Edition

Ever have one of those days where you wake up already running late for something?  I'm having one of those today.  I woke up, already feeling rushed and behind.  The plan was to head to Vancouver where I had an appointment for a massage, then meet a friend for lunch and to return a few camera items, then head to Condon, OR to meet up with my brother, sister-in-law and niece (my brother is running the Tough Mudder tomorrow and I'm spectating).

So I hurried through my morning routine to get back on track and headed North.

I got about halfway to Vancouver before realizing that I forgot everything I needed for the weekend sitting next to my front door in a neat little pile.

*face palm*

So now I'm back in my apartment since I had to drive all the way home after lunch to get everything before driving to Condon, and I figured I'd take a minute to post my Curvy Girl Fashion Friday picture. (don't judge me, yes I'm still running late, but blogging relaxes me.)

 photo photo_zps99f392f5.jpg
Shirt - Old Navy
Tank - Target
Capris - Maurices

So a few things happened this week.  First, I got a new haircut.  It's shorter (much shorter) than I had envisioned, but it's growing on me (ha, get it?!  growing) and my hair grows so fast that in a few weeks I'll want it cut again, so I'm not too worried about it.

I also got a new pair of glasses!  Remember when I mentioned that I was visiting the Warby Parker bus last week?  Well my new frames showed up yesterday!  What do you think?

 photo 64253e4cd46011e284c522000aa801df_7_zpsb411665a.jpg

What are you wearing this week?  Join in the link up fun on Jenn's page!

 photo cgff_zpsa21430fe.jpg