Ahhh, the weekend...

The weekend is finally here! It has been such a long week! School work, work, home, friends - everything seems to be happening all at once! I promised myself that if I got through this week I would be rewarded with a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend, and its finally here! Tomorrow I am going to sleep in, then go to work, and then get my room cleaned and my winter clothes out of storage and organized. Then Sunday, oh glorious Sunday, I have an entire day of movies, photo editing, and Richard to look forward too :)
So how was today? Today was good. I went to school and then had a photo shoot with Emily Chung (2nd shoot) and then went to Scott's office and worked on my web site. The web site is coming along well and I'm so excited for the day when it will finally be online! It's going to be so amazing :)
Alright, so very, very tired and ready for bed!
Good night :)