New Haircut!

Hello again :)
Last night after work and classes I went downtown to Graebers and got my hair cut! Kimberly (my roommate's mom) did an AWESOME job on my hair! I have been wanting to grow my hair out for a long time now, but kept getting annoyed and cutting it off again. Finally after heart ache and head ache I just let it grow, and no matter how ugly it got, kept letting it grow (hence the mullet that I had for quite awhile...lol) Richard was an awesome friend and barely trimmed my ends during that time which would satisfy my want to hack it off. But my hair has finally gotten to a length that some new 'do's are possible though, ergo last night. My hair is still pretty short in the front, but in a month it should be long enough that an A-line Bob will begin to appear. I'm so excited to have the hairstyle that I have been wanting forever just in time for graduation!

Haha... I know this post has been rather self absorbed and ego-centric, but hey, don't we all deserve a day now-and-then where we feel really good about ourselves?! I say YES!

Here are pics of the new 'do...