So Tired!

Wow, what a long day! The sad thing is that I didn't accomplish much during it. It started with work (like every other Thursday) from 9:00-noon. Work was alright, we weren't very busy so I surfed a little internet and checked out a few books and read some magazines - I know, my job is so tough! (here is a picture of my "office")


Then I went to lunch with my mom. She came to Boise to fly to Washington for my Grandma's 75th birthday Sunday. (I'm really bummed that I can't miss work and school in order to go) She took me to Johnny Corino's which was really yummy! My first class of the day was cancelled and I was going to go to the library to get some much needed homework done, but decided that a nap sounded much better. So I came home and took a lovely 3 hour nap and ended up sleeping through my next class! oops! haha, guess I needed the rest though. When I did finally wake up I went to the library and got one of the assignments that I needed to finish for tomorrow done, but I still have to fit in a paper at some point tomorrow :(
My goal at this point is to get a lot of homework done tomorrow and Saturday so that my Sunday is a glorious day of nothing but movies and my best friend Richard!
(Pictured below)

Well, it's late, and I have an early morning/busy day tomorrow, so it's time to head off into the sunset... ok, so that's way corny, but I wanted to utilize this picture, so its the best you're getting :)