The First of Many...

Hello All!

This is my first attempt at blogging and I am SUPER excited!

This is my last semester at BSU (yay!) and I want to remember everything I was thinking, dealing with, and going through when I get to that inevitable place in my life where I actually miss school...lol! I really do like school, and am loving learning new things, but I'm so excited about the next chapter in my life and finding out who I am in this great big world that I need to remember to slow down and enjoy this time in my life. Never again will I have the ability to pick and choose my day-to-day events the way I can now. If I don't want to go to class, and I want to sleep in... guess what? I can! (maybe I shouldn't, but I can!) If I want to go to coffee with friends and plan a roadtrip for the upcoming month and just take off and enjoy the weather... guess what... I can! And if I choose to be responsible and actually do my homework, I guess I can do that too :)

Here is me on campus with my backpack and Starbucks (an everyday necessity!) This was my 26th birthday photo - "sally student"... that's me!


Well, I'm signing off for now, but I'll be back!