30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 23

Day 23 - A picture of your favorite book

I quickly grabbed the copies of "Peter Pan" from my bookshelf that I could easily find and snapped this photo with excitement. I may have a slight obsession with the notion of never growing up.  Life on an island with pirates and mermaids, an active imagination and fairy dust... yes please!

Peter: Why do you have to spoil everything? We have fun, don't we? I taught you to fly and to fight. What more could there be?
Wendy: There is so much more.
Peter: What? What else is there?
Wendy: I don't know. I guess it becomes clearer when you grow up.
Peter: Well, I will not grow up. You cannot make me!

Yes, I actually own more copies of this treasured story than these 4, and have my eye on a few other editions too.  Ooh... this one too :)