My Summer Bucket List

Inspired by Holly and Jessica, I decided to write myself a Summer Bucket List.

Travel + Social
  • Visit the Oregon Coast at least once each month
  • Visit Boise once in July and once in August (in the works)
  • Visit Saleen, Rhett and the girls in CA
  • Visit Seattle over the 4th of July (in the works)
  • Take the train to Vancouver, BC with Jacque and visit our friend Joe (in the works)
  • Join Meetup.com (done) and actually attend a few gatherings
  • Date more (by meeting guys at meetup.com's speed dating sessions)
  • Spend time using public transit and walking Portland in order to meet like-minded individuals 

Il Bel Far Niente - The Beauty of Doing Nothing
  • Take long walks (my goal is one each morning, we'll see how that works once my summer work schedule kicks in)
  • Read, read, read - make a list (future post!) of books and buzz through it
  • Value sleeping well with 7.5-8 hrs each night
  • Explore Portland with my camera in hand
  • Turn my phone off on the weekends
  • Decorate my new digs (hopefully apartment will be found soon) for a zen space where I can relax and recharge daily

  • Give Paleo a chance with a 30 day challenge
  • Purchase a George Foreman (I miss my old one!)
  • Resume daily green smoothies
  • Find one new recipe a week to try and blog about it
  • Make this iced coffee
  • Shop for produce at local farmer's market

Health + Fitness
  • Train with TEAM for second (!!!) marathon (in the works)
  • Explore Portland through this book with two walks per month (hoping to blow this one of the park... haha, no pun intended)
  • Yoga once per week
  • Lift weights twice per week with this book's guidelines
  • Ride my bike for transportation, and just for fun