Scene From the First Official Marathon (#2) Training Run

Since moving to Portland a little over a month ago, there hasn't been much running going on.  In fact, other than the occasional swim and bike ride, there really hasn't been much movement at all.  But all that is about to change!  On Friday last week I officially signed up for my second marathon with TEAM! 

I'll be running the Nike Women's Marathon in San Fransisco this October for the second time!!

I'm so excited!  Jayme, Danielle and Jessica are all doing the marathon as well, so it will be a fun little reunion.

This morning I got up and strapped on the ol' Vibrams for a lovely trail run/walk.  I only put in a mile or so, but it's a start and better than nothing!

Here's the view on my run...

Not too shabby huh?  Have I mentioned that I love the green here?!