Down 2.6lbs!

So I just realized that I haven't checked in lately about the weight loss. My goodness, that's not good.
Last week I lost exactly 1 pound (not bad!) and this week I am down 1.6lbs... for a total of -2.6 since I made the decision to start back on my path to healthiness :) That's right, I've lost a mini laptop! (hence the random laptop picture)
From everything that I've read about the best way to loose weight and keep it off, 1-2 lbs loss per week is good. The quicker you loose it, the quicker it (and more) comes back on. So loosing slowly and steady is a good thing. I'm interested in joining Weight Watchers (I've heard so many good things about it!) but the meetings in my area don't coincide with my schedule, so that's going to have to wait for right now. But I'm continuing on the path to a healthy lifestyle!