Trip to the Zoo

Danielle and Joie came to visit this weekend and we all went to the zoo. It was a lovely day with walking in the perfect weather (not too cold, but brisk enough that a walk felt good) and I got to hold and kiss on my niece. Here are some of my favorite pics from the day...Jed called while we were at the penguin exhibit and Danielle put the phone up to Joie's ear. She got the biggest smile on her face when she heard his voice. It was so cute! It's killing Jed to have her away for so long.
She loved watching the penguins swim by. She would follow them until they were out of view, and then frantically look for another.
This picture is one of my favs from the day. She was hanging out on my mom's shoulder and laughing at me while I would point my camera at her. She's such a little hamm.
I love this little girl more than she'll ever know.
Tell me that's not the sweetest face ever ")
The giraffe was behind us, but I accidentally moved in front of it. lol.