Jealous, but happy too

So I have been wanting to see this documentary called "Helvetica" for awhile now. (It's in my friend Richard's netflix list and should be here soon -yay!). In telling him (a fellow graphics nerd) about it, he got online to research (of course) and we discovered that the director is now touring with his lastest documentary, "Objectified". Wouldn't you know it, the next showing was set for Wednesday May 13th in Atlanta, GA... the very place Richard was heading that morning for a Boys & Girls Club conference! So he got to see it, and sit through a Q&A with the director afterward. I cannot tell you how jealous I am. But I am very happy that he was able to experience it and share the story of it with me. The director announced at the showing that the DVD will be released in July, so I will be seeing it then!
They were selling the movie poster at the showing, and Richard was going to buy me one until he noticed that they were $20. It would have been cool to have a poster, but I would have felt bad if he spent that much on a poster, so I'm glad that he decided against it. He did decide to take a picture with the poster though and e-mail it me. I think I like the picture better :)