5 Things About Me at This Moment in Time

There's a new tag game going on in the world of Instagram.  Quite often I'm tagged to post of picture of what I'm doing now, or a picture from where I stand, but today I was tagged with a new one.  I was prompted to post a picture of myself and list 5 things about me that people may not have known.  I was sitting in the car waiting for The Kid to get out of school when I saw the notification, so I had the time to actually think about this a bit.

I've been really introspective lately (a state I don't enjoy really) and the 5 things I listed really reflect my state of mind.  I found it interesting, so I decided to post it on here as well.

Here's what my post looked like...


5 Things About Me. 

1. Although I love to make lists and schedules, I rarely live by them. I am a spontaneous soul. 

2.  I have a vagabond spirit and would be happiest wandering the world without a place to call "home." Preferably somewhere tropical. 

3. I love people but am an introvert and have to have my alone time or I go stir crazy. 

4.  Nature and creativity fuel me. If ever I'm feeling off, my camera and my feet moving are all I need to recenter. 

5.  I think I am falling in love and its scaring the shit out of me. 

What are 5 things about YOU that I may not know?