A Few Exciting Things to Share

I've been filling out a LOT of paperwork the past couple of days.

 photo 86b3466aa70211e2ab6b22000aa8004d_7_zpsa3ca267e.jpg

Here's why:

- I'm getting medical benefits!!!  And dental!!!  And vision!!!
I haven't had benefits for a couple of years now, and it's something that been stressing me out the entire time.  Every time I have a health hiccup (like going to the ER a few weeks ago!!!) I have to weigh my financial options and whether or not it's really serious enough for me to consider the price tag. I hate it!  BUT, as of last week I have full benefits... and they're not costing me anything!

- I have a certified nutrition counselor!!! 
I have been wanting to take true control of my health and diet (ie lifestyle) for some time now, and have finally gotten serious about it.  I realized that if the only person my health effects is myself, it's not motivation enough for me to really change.  However, I recently discovered that my health and lifestyle is directly affecting a certain 12 year old female whom I love very much.  I want her to grow up making healthy and active life choices so that she doesn't have to back pedal or start fresh when she's 30 (like me).  I thought long and hard about the people in my life I could call upon for help, and am so excited that an amazing nutrition counselor I know is willing to trade photo services for help!

- I'm creating a plan to be debt free in 5-7 years!!!
I've been struggling with my student loan payments for some time now.  Every month I cringe at making the payments feeling like they're not making a drop in the bucket.  So yesterday I spent about 2 hours on the phone with my various lenders asking detailed questions and requesting account information.  Now that I have all the info, I can make a plan to get them paid off quickly (or, you know, not so quickly) and be debt free!  My student loans are the only debt I have currently (and I don't plan on taking on anymore anytime soon - knock on wood) and once they are paid off the skies the limit!  I've always dreamed to lived as a nomad once my debt is gone; traveling the world taking pictures and meeting people while only needing to figure out how to feed myself and put shelter over my head.  I'm super jazzed that dream is actually a possibility!