Weekend In Review | Wherin We Run Away to Seattle

Just over a year ago I was trying to figure out which city I wanted to move to.  I obviously chose Portland, but Seattle was high on my list as well.  I loved the city, had family there I could lean on for support, and could picture myself thriving in the Emerald City.

But I realized that Seattle was a bit of a haven for me.  It was a place I could escape to for a day, or a week, or anything in between or beyond and love it.  I didn't want to ruin that by living there.  That probably doesn't make sense, but my gut just told me to save Seattle for weekend get-aways and adventure, and move to Portland where I wanted to build a life.

So anyway, all that to say this weekend offered an opportunity for a day of adventure in Seattle!  The Guy and I knew we wanted to get outdoors this weekend, but the weather report called for rain in Portland and the surrounding areas.  The only place that showed sun was for Sunday in Seattle.  So we packed up the car with some snacks and his kiddos and headed north!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day up there, and we enjoyed time on the beach in Alki and wandering the market in search of goodies.  The kids hadn't been to the market before, so we took them in the first ever Starbucks, had them sit on the pig, stuck gum to the wall, and watched the fish fly.  All-in-all it was a fabulous way to spend a sunny Sunday!

 photo _MG_8268_zps2a4c11ea.jpg
 photo _MG_8266_zps17deeee2.jpg
Tommy making a purchase of honey sticks.
 photo _MG_8294_zps185458f5.jpg
The kids loved looking at all the gum creations
 photo _MG_8298_zpsd0de2e59.jpg
Tommy's "T" is just to the left of his head.
 photo _MG_8305_zps0240c4a7.jpg
Tommy took this pic of his sister.  He's a pretty impressive little photographer.
 photo _MG_8320_zps577200bb.jpg
Gum "icicles."  So disgustingly awesome.
 photo 2-9_zps2730f9b5.jpg
When I asked the kids to smile, I got the reaction on the left.  After some begging, I got the giant goofiness on the right.  Lol.
 photo 1-7_zps458b8568.jpg
You can't visit the market and miss the photo-op with the bronze pig.  The kids loved it.
 photo _MG_8261_zpsd358380d.jpg
My guy waiting for our coffee in the first ever Starbucks.