A Turning Point

When I was 20 years old I went to the doctor by myself because my mom was out of town.  I had been through a year of tests, specialist appointments and doctor visits every few weeks, and figured that appointment was just another in the mass of doctor visits.  This one was different though.  At this appointment I was given my diagnosis.

I'm not a superstitious person most of the time (unless I'm playing sports, then it's pretty ridiculous) but since that day I've not been to another appointment alone.  My mom was with me at every follow up and visit during treatment, and I've managed to wrangle a friend or family member into accompanying me to for the occasional doc-in-the-box appointment over the years.  The Guy even stepped up in a big way a few weeks ago taking care of me for 4 days while I battled tonsillitis and an ER visit.

BUT last night was a turning point for me!  My throat has been sore since Friday and my tonsils are swollen once again (grrr!!).  The last thing I want it is for it to get so bad I need to go to the ER again (no thanks on that bill!) so I called up Zoom Care and made an appointment.  I went to that appointment last night
all. by. myself.

The crazy thing?  I didn't even realize I had gone alone until I was filling my mom in on what the doc said later.  She asked who had gone with me, and when I answered, "no one," her was reaction was quite comical.

Yay for being an adult and letting old superstitions die!

Also, I came home to find my new running shoes had arrived!  These were graciously sent by Skora after I chatted with one of their reps a few weekends ago about barefoot running.  The soles on these babies are amazing!  I'll be posting a full review soon...

 photo cbaa4930b6c511e2aff022000a1f90b2_7_zpseef8c447.jpg

Are you a superstitious person?  
Have you run in "barefoot" shoes before?