Memorable Memorial Weekend | Weekend in Review

This past weekend was Memorial Weekend which meant 3 days off to play!!

The Guy and I planned to get out and explore a bit starting with the Oregon Coast.  We headed south first, driving the scenic 101 as much as possible. Along the way there were a few beautiful viewpoints where we stopped to breath in the salt air and take in the sights.

 photo -3-1_zpsb64fc464.jpg

The Oregon Coast is by and large my favorite place to enjoy the ocean.  The greenery, overcast skies and consistent lapping of waves is my heaven on earth.

We drove as far south as Newport before deciding to get out and run around the beach a bit.  The tide was out so we explored a few tide pools and drew in the sand.  The Guy even drew my logo... camera and all!  I felt obliged to take a photo with it, and apparently the pose to do when someone draws your logo is a side plank??  Random, but oh well!

 photo -1-7_zpsc066d20c.jpg
 photo -2-1_zpsbf93b5d3.jpg

We headed back north after a bit, exploring Pacific City and camped out there for the night.  We found a pretty amazing spot on the beach and were tempted to pitch the tent, but were concerned that high tide might reach it, so we car camped instead.  It was SO FUN!!  We parked just off the road and could hear the waves all night.  A panoramic view of the ocean is not a bad sight to wake up to, believe me.

Also,  I don't know how this guy puts up with me.  I mean, what is that face?!

 photo -5_zpsdc15f2f8.jpg

On Sunday we explored a bit more of the coast, driving the scenic route and pulling over to take in the view often.  We stopped off at the Tillamook Cheese Factory to get some cheesy treats and then drove up to Cannon Beach.  Cannon Beach was PACKED with people!!!  We decided to not stop and headed back to Portland instead.  Sometimes I forget how crazy that place can be on a holiday weekend!  I think we were pretty blessed with the light crowds on the rest of our trip!

Monday was spent decompressing a bit, followed by a trip to REI to find me a hiking backpack!!!  I've been wanting one for some time now, and with my member's dividend, plus a 20% coupon on top of the already great sale they were having, I got a pretty great deal on a beauty!

I ended up getting the pack, a first aid kit, a new pocket knife and some moleskin all for less than the original price of the pack!  I'm pretty stoked about my new pack and can't wait to hit the trails soon!

As if all that excitement wasn't enough, The Guy and I had one more plan to round out the BEST WEEKEND EVER.  We hopped on the Max to the Rose Garden and enjoyed an AMAZING concert with Mumford & Sons!!!  I had purchased the tickets months ago, and couldn't remember where were sitting exactly, so it was pretty cool to find out that I was basically the best girlfriend ever because I happened to score us front row seats!!  We were to the immediate right of the stage, and had a great view of the show! 

 photo -4_zps4a642c38.jpg

Rocking out with Mumford & Sons was a great way to cap off this amazing weekend!  I'm so looking forward to the next show we have planned to see.  This summer is going to be filled with lots of adventures and live music!

Do you like live music?
How did you celebrate your 3 day weekend?