Fantastic Weekend Fun

My friend GiGi opened her own salon and had a FANTASTIC grand opening for First Thursday downtown.  I'm so stinking proud of her for following her dreams and making it happen.  It's a beautiful space, and it fits her personality so well.

Joie attended the grand opening with me and loved the live music pumping through the space.  She had a blast running around, dancing and entertaining everyone with her cuteness.

Afterward Joie, my friend Jayme, and I sat outside a coffee shop around the corner and caught up. There were two stone statues framing the doorway that were the same height as Joie and she got a kick out of them.  She ran back and forth to them giving them hugs and kisses, and sitting on them.

Saturday (after my GREAT ride with the TEAM)  my Grandma Cookie flew into town and we spent the evening eating, playing games and catching up at Jed and Danielle's.  Mom, Dad, Jed, Danielle, Grandma, Joie, Me and Nate... full house!

Sunday morning began with a coffee and quiche date with my two girls, Erin and Jessica.  We hit up one of my favorite local spots and spilled all the latest details on our lives.  There's something amazing about sitting in the midst of a crowd at a busy coffee joint and talking with good friends that fills your soul with happiness...

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out with my friend GiGi at her salon.  I snapped pics for her website and facebook page, and she gave me a killer new look that I LOVE!