Riding Bicycles Outdoors!

We woke up to gray, rainy skies and cold weather, but I didn't care.  Today was the day.
The day for... riding bicycles outdoors!

On my way to our coach's house, I could not contain my excitement...

First up was our patient honoree potluck.  This is such an emotional morning.  Many patients, many stories, many beautiful hearts... all beating for one great mission.  Let's CURE cancer!!
Below is our amazing nutritionist and patient honoree Hilary Horton Brown and myself.

Then it was time to ride!  Here I am with my beautiful new Jamis, all ready to hit the road.  It was a bit chilly, so don't mind my puffy layers...

The ever-amazing Byron and me...

Well, my Jamis is officially broken in now.  Muddy, rainy and beautiful :)

My shoes are legit now too!

Stats for today:
  • Distance: 14.59 miles
  • Average Speed: 14.9 mph
  • Max Speed: 22.2 mph
All-in-all a great ride on a great day!!